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Just a Multivitamin? - Part II

Just a Multivitamin?

Part II



This is the second section of a 2-part post. The first post can be found here.


Many of the listed ingredients were less than the recommended daily values or DVs. DVs are based on reference daily intake. It is the daily intake level of a nutrient that is considered to be sufficient to meet the requirements of 97–98% of healthy individuals in every demographic in the United States. In other words it is a one-size fits all approach and used as a general guide and safety check. For example, if a DV is well over 100% you may want to do some research and take precautions to ensure you are not taking too much of that nutrient.


Daily values indicate how much of a given nutrient healthy individuals should have each day from all sources, including supplements. This should include nutrients absorbed through the skin and lungs as well. Though our food has lost some nutrient density over time, most nutrients can be sufficiently gotten from food. One exception to this is Iodine. We also require more of some nutrients due to demands from the modern environment. Pollution, chemicals used in food and household products, and having to spend more time working indoors and just some factors that require us to have more of certain nutrients like Iodine and Vitamin D.


Daily values may be outdated. This certainly applies to Iodine and we have written about this in the Low RDA for Iodine blog post.


Bread and Salt


Other products are cheaper. Products may be cheaper but does this not mean they are comparable. Our formulas are original and likely to remain unique. There is no direct comparison then. Also, the ingredients used in cheaper products are likely to be inferior. This can be due to lower bio-availability and having unwanted effects that offset its benefits. We create quality products and tailor them to be effective and affordable. The bulk of our costs comes from the ingredients. We, as health conscious people, should be selective about what foods we eat. In the same way we ought to be selective of what supplements we use. We should be even more vigilant when choosing supplements because you can easily waste money on ingredients that are ineffective or even harmful.


There is too much information and so many products to choose from. Economic incentives create disinformation to profit from knowledge gaps and business machines flood the market with sub-standard products. We see this as an opportunity to not only offer better products but to also stand out by consistently doing so. That is why Zen Haus offers a limited and complementary product line as part of our holistic health philosophy which is grounded in education, self-awareness and personal responsibility.


We offer products and information based on an eastern-leaning approach to well-being. The emphasis is on prevention and maintaining good health. Supporting the immune system and the body’s natural healing processes will be a priority.


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