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Just a Multivitamin? - Part I


Just a Multivitamin?

Part I


This 2-part blog post is a response to a review we received on Amazon for the ADK Vitamin D3 Complex. We appreciate the feedback as it provides an opportunity to explore the way we think about supplementation, why we offer certain products and who we are as a brand.


The question posed was “Isn’t this just a multivitamin?” and the reviewer made three points.


  1. Other products (i.e. multivitamins) had a longer list of ingredients.
  2. Many of the listed ingredients were less than the daily recommended values. 
  3. Other products are cheaper.


We begin by simply answering their question. No. This is NOT just a multivitamin. This particular product is a combination of 2 complexes which are complementary. Also, adding 2 minerals rounded out the formula in a way that makes the whole formula a complex itself. 


The first complex can be called the D3 Complex whereby the emphasis is on calcium absorption, retention and direction. It also serves the purpose of boosting Vitamin D levels. This complex includes Vitamins A, D3, and K.



The second complex can be called the Antioxidant Complex. It serves to promote longevity by cellular detox and rejuvenation. This complex includes Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid and CoQ10.


Finally we added Boron and Manganese as they support both the above complexes. They support bone mineral density and collagen production. They also help the body utilize a number of vitamins, including vitamins C, E and Magnesium. These minerals also have strong antioxidant properties.


Multivitamins with many ingredients are purposed for nutrient coverage. We consider multivitamins to be better than not taking any supplements. However, there are many nutrients we do not need to supplement with. Also, having too many nutrients together can have some benefits canceled out. We need to consider which nutrients should be had at different times of day. Which nutrients should be taken with food or specific types of food? Which nutrients complement each other? Which nutrients do we tend to be more deficient in? Which nutrients are more important for the challenges we face in our modern environment?



With ADK for example, we have briefly explained above how this formula of two complexes plus two minerals come together. To go deeper read some of our ADK Posts on the website. There is also a blog post called ADK Returns! that goes through the recent formula changes. It is our understanding that calcium supplementing is generally not needed. We can get enough of it from food. See our recent blog post What About Calcium Supplements? for more details. Usually our Vitamin D levels peak midday into the afternoon. To keep in line with numerous biorhythms we recommend having this complex with lunch. Both Vitamin D3 and the antioxidant complex are best absorbed when taken with food, specifically with fats. Users take our ADK Complex to support heart and arterial health. Cardiovascular health and blood flow is central to our well-being. Almost every ingredient in this complex contributes to heart health.


These are just some of the considerations that go into formulation. We encourage our customers to continue to learn and participate in the discussion. We consider consumer suggestions for formulation as well.


The 2nd section of this post is available here.



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